Alumni | Témoignage de M. Keith DARCY


Executive Director, Ethics and Compliance Officers Association (ECOA) : about the Chair Droit & Ethique des Affaires

photographie du témoignage de M. DARCY
photographie du témoignage de M. DARCY

Executive Director, Ethics and Compliance Officers Association (ECOA)

"The Ethics and Compliance Officer Association (ECOA) is the largest membership organization in the world exclusively for ethics and compliance professionals. Formed 20 years ago, ECOA now has over 1,250 members across six continents. Our mission is to provide our members with the tools and resources necessary to mitigate against legal, regulatory and reputational harm. By virtue of our size we also provide access to an unparalleled network of ethics and compliance experts, as well as a global forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies.
The world today is complex, networked, global and transparent. In a transparent world there are no secrets and there is no place to hide. As a result all of our decisions are subject to a new standard – the light of day. It is imperative that we find alliances with like-minded institutions that are committed to address the increasing internal and external threats to organizational integrity.
The Chair of Excellence of Law and Business Ethics was created in 2007. ECOA saw an opportunity to partner with UCP to develop the next generation of ethics and compliance leaders. Each year ECOA members host meetings in the United States with the student cohort and share with them the challenges and opportunities that await them in their careers. We have immensely enjoyed our association with Dean Roxana Family, Anne-Sophie Barthez and the students and look forward to many more years of collaboration.
The need for this continued partnership between UCP and ECOA has never been greater. The economic collapse of these past several years has evidenced a stunning series of lapses in fiduciary responsibility, judgment and integrity. It has exposed ponzi schemes, fraud, bribery and corruption worldwide. It has uncovered a growing gap between rich and poor. Indeed, there has been a profound loss of trust in our markets, financial institutions, organizations, governments and leaders. The role of the university is to develop the next generation of global leaders that will bring a strong sense of social responsibility to address the ever-increasing complexities that the future holds in store. We congratulate UCP and the Chair Droit & Ethique des Affaires for your leadership and commitment."

La Faculté de droit CY Cergy Paris Université remercie chaleureusement M. Keith DARCY pour sa disponibilité et pour son témoignage.