Alumni | Témoignage de Mme Elizabeth MILOVIDOV


PhD, Esq. American attorney, professor in the Anglo-American Law Program

visuel du témoignage de Mme Milovidov
visuel du témoignage de Mme Milovidov

Parrain de la promotion 2010 du Master 2 Droit & Éthique des affaires

"The Anglo-American Law Program at CY School of Law is an essential tool for those students wishing to enhance traditional legal studies with an insider’s view of the British and American legal systems. The program provides the fundamentals of Anglo-American law in a concise and practical manner with course lectures given by professors as well as practicing attorneys and other professionals in the legal field.

As an American attorney with bar qualifications from California and the District of Columbia, combined with California law firm experience and former positions as General Counsel in France, I have brought my American style of teaching to UCP and my personal experience and interaction with UCP students has been rewarding as well as enriching.  The students – both French and Erasmus - are responsive, engaging and ready to take on the legal adventure.  They ask stimulating questions and are ever ready to make comparisons between their own legal systems and the American system.

I have the pleasure of teaching for over 3 years at CY from License 1 to  Masters 2 and the courses included US Business and Banking, American Corporate Law, American Civilization, Introduction to the American Legal System, among others. My courses provided the fundamentals of American law for each subject matter, illustrated by personal stories, anecdotes and real cases.

The most motivated and dedicated students in my courses were students that I would willingly - were I again General Counsel – include on my legal team.  The majority of students that I have had in my courses are students that are in the enviable position of understanding and being able to effectively work in two legal systems.

And in today’s global community, a student with a background in Anglo-American law is a student well prepared for successful professional activities, whether those activities are confined to a strictly legal domain, or are expanded to business, political or social matters.  UCP School of Law is a first class academic institution to provide just such a background."

La Faculté de droit CY Cergy Paris Université remercie chaleureusement Mme Elizabeth MILOVIDOV pour sa disponibilité et pour son témoignage.