Alumni | Témoignage de M. Conrad PITTALUGA


LLM Program at CY Cergy Paris University

imgage du témoignage de M.Pittaluga
imgage du témoignage de M.Pittaluga

"I am a Dominican lawyer. Also, currently I am part of the LLM  Program at the Université de Cergy-Pontoise. So far it has been a  great experience both personally and professionally. I am focusing  on Taxation Law, what I most like about the program is that it  challenges you to think in a pragmatic manner, it also stretches the  boundaries of your legal skills and abilities.

A part from the  courses I am taking, I have been privileged with getting the  opportunity to teach Contract and Company Law to french law  students. Preparing the material for each class has further enhanced  my confidence as a lawyer. It has provided me with an unforgettable  experience of sharing my legal points of view with the students, but  also getting to know each student's way of reasoning.

The university  is located close to Paris which has enabled me to to experience live  in  this great city. I would definitely recommend this program  because it provides you with an in depth analysis of both French and  European law."

La Faculté de droit CY Cergy Paris Université remercie chaleureusement M. Conrad PITTALUGA pour sa disponibilité et pour son témoignage.